Thursday, December 15, 2011

Even My Favorite Radio Personality is....

...Is pregnant. Ok, well not him. His wife of five months is a little over three months pregnant. Yeah. Wife of five months...three months pregnant. I guess that stuff really does happen--to other people.

I got a little teary eyed listening to the radio because A. I love listening to this guy and am happy for him because he seems like he would be a good dad and B. I'm just plain old jealous. I can admit it. That's healthy, right? Admitting to your feelings and all that? I might be a touch hormonal too, at the moment. Let's hope that means my period will be here SOON!

Ohhhhhh but I'm not done yet. So I am at work and Creepy Work Guy says to me, from out of nowhere I might add: "Hey, so you remember what I said to you last Spring"?

Me: "Um. Not really".
Creepy Work Guy: "You don't remember? We talked about how I know when people are about to get pregnant".
Me: "Oh. Yeah. I guess I remember that" (well, in actuality, the memory of that talk is burnt into my head. And not in a good way)
Creepy Work Guy: "So are you?"
Me: "Am I....????" (insert pregnant pun intended)
Creepy Work Guy: "Pregnant...I said you would be by Christmas".
Me: "Oh. No. No. There's nothing going on there. Unless it happens"

And so the conversation went on in its own stilted way, with Creepy Work Guy a little bit disappointed that he did not predict my pregnancy accurately. He went walking away, mumbling about how he had been "slipping" lately. Seriously. I couldn't make this stuff up. I work with some wacky people. How will I be able to deal with this when I am off coffee???

Oh. And the best part...he says this in front of my boss and the secretary. So then I feel kind of exposed and feel compelled (for some reason) to announce, "Well, we aren't really ready for number 2 we aren't really trying or anything". Oh yeah. I crossed that barrier. I was the girl who "over shared" at work. They are probably thinking about how I really need better boundaries. And what I said to them...that was totally bringing back the ol' "standby" excuse for when we were trying for number one: "we just aren't ready yet...we're having too much fun". Yeah. Right. Butt out is more like it.

So that's my tale of woe for today. Everyone is pregnant and Creepy Work Guy is as creepy and tactless as ever.

And for all of you who have no idea what I am talking about, read these links...Creepy Work Guy has a staring role (from April 2011)

Oh, and here's a more recent one featuring CWG

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