Tuesday, December 6, 2011

(Re)consultation, CHECK!

And it went well! I definitely will not be starting meds this month...which basically confirmed what I already knew. But apart from that minor disappointment (minor now, because I had a few days to work through it, lol), the appointment was great. I had my consultation with the nurse practitioner whom I saw a lot last time, so she knows my history. Apparently, she uses me as an example to her other patients about how good ovarian drilling can be for PCOS and fertility-since I got preggo with Alexandra right after my drilling. Who knows, perhaps I will have to go that route again? But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Anyway, they did blood work (of course...bunch of vampires, lol!) and an ultrasound. Nothing much new there-my ovaries are still poly cystic in appearance, of course. I guess with the blood work, they are paying more attention to vitamin D levels than previously and are now checking ovarian reserve more frequently now. Meg-my nurse-didn't think I would have a problem with ovarian reserve, despite the fact that I am getting periods every 20-25 days. She seems to feel that the short cycles have more to do with a luteal phase defect-another common problem in PCOS women-than with ovarian reserve. Keeping my fingers crossed that the test comes back normal. I'd hate to have another thing fertility related to stress over. I did, however, take one of those First Response fertility tests the other day. It came as a freebie in a pack of pregnancy tests. It is supposed to measure FSH and ovarian reserve. My result was in the normal range...so lets hope it was accurate and I won't get any bad surprises from the blood test! If it is a luteal phase defect, we'll have to ramp up the progesterone, but it should be fine.

So anyway....dh has to have a repeat seamen analysis, which we will be doing this week and the doctor is ordering all my meds (Gonal F, Lupron, trigger) to be delivered by courier within the next week to week and a half. I'm excited! It's all starting! I should be good to go as soon as my period comes again! Now lets keep the fingers crossed that this is a SUPER SHORT cycle! Meg told me that if I get to 28 days without a period, I can call and they will prescribe me Provera. I'm hoping it comes sooner than that though!

So that's my reconsultation story. Everyone was very friendly and very nice and actually seemed to remember us :) They all wanted to see pics of Alex so, of course, I happily obliged ;) It must be so rewarding to work there...to witness all the lives you helped create, all the families you helped build. Maybe they would hire me on for counseling services? They provide everything else already-yoga, massage, acupuncture, support groups, etc etc. I'd love that job :)

 Our new favorite thing: old gift bags! She puts all of her Little People and stuffed animals in them and walks around!

 Having a daddy day at the area children's museum

 Mad that this is blurry because it's so cute! Alex holding her friend, Damian's, hand

How sweet is this tree????? LOOOVVVE it!

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