Sunday, May 23, 2010

Alex's First Birthday Party!

Alex with Aunt Jill

Alex & Reese...Reese is taking a nice big bite out of my baby ;)

Daddy & Alex at Rylee's birthday party

Alex went to her first birthday party yesterday. It was for my good friend's daughter, Rylee, who is turning three. It was an absolutely beautiful day...mid 80's, sunny, a nice breeze. Jill (my friend) had a bouncy house set up, a pool, a huge swing set (well that was already there) and the kids had an awesome time. I remember my kid birthday parties "back in the day". We amused ourselves when we were really young by playing "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" and having peanut hunts, lol. By the time I had grown a little older, we had a pool and that was the main attraction. Times have changed, I guess. Now it's all about huge trampolines and bouncy houses. But that's ok, things always change. Heck-I would have LOVED one of those bouncy houses when I was three!

So I packed all of Alexandra's "swim" things. Two bathing-suits because I did not know which one would fit the best, her hooded towel, a little terry cloth dress to put on over her bathing-suit, an SPF sunhat, her tiny little pink baby crocs which I love (however, not into them for adults...what whatever floats your boat ;) ) , and her swim diapers. Yup, I was WAY more excited about this new swim adventure than Alex was! We got as far as dipping her feet into the water and she started crying! Lol, poor kid! I think the water was just too chilly because she really enjoys her warm baths. Later on, I tried running through the sprinkler with her because she just felt so hot and sticky and that didn't go over well either. So we gave up on the water for the day and settled into a nice spot on the back deck. We were in the shade but it was sunny and breezy, the back deck overlooks woods-and it was just a nice way to spend an afternoon! Alex was charming people with her smiles and babbles and was perfectly content to chill with her mama. All in all-it was a great day. I love the age she's at now and am trying to treasure every day of it, but watching all the kids having a ball in the bouncy house and pool, it leaves me a lot to look forward to as well. I just feel so blessed.

I'll post some pictures of the day later, once I upload them. There are some very funny ones of Alex and Reese (Jill's one month old baby girl) together. I hope they grow up to be great friends!


  1. She's so cute :) Sorry she didn't like the water - some of my kids loved it while others hated it!

    Oh p.s. this is mama2seven from JM :) I'm following your blog now, if you'd like to follow/see mine it's

  2. Hi! I'll definitely be following yours ;) I have such little time with one child....I'm curious how you get things done with seven! Maybe I'll learn some tips :)