Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nannies/Child Care...Whatever You Call It...

Secret Undercover Baby ;)

First trip to the park!

Happy Baby!

Ok, I meant for the pictures to go at the bottom-but whatever, still learning how to do everything ;) Anyway, what I was going to say is that childcare is kind of difficult to find! At least-someone good is hard to find. We posted an ad on Craig's List a week or so ago and have had a number or responses-but some of the people just sounded bizarre, calling themselves "Nanny (insert name)". Don't get me wrong, we had two or three that sounded great, but for the rest-I just couldn't see giving them interviews.

I'm not the end-all/be-all for spelling and punctuation-but when you don't use ANY AT ALL-big problem! Maybe I am asking for too much but please, when you are writing an email to seek employment, please capitalize "I" and "I'm" and put the freaking apostrophe in there too! Also, don't use text lingo. If you want to say "How many kids do you have"? Don't write "how many kidz do u have." I am not seeking to hire a 12 year old. Now don't get me wrong, lingo and short cuts have their place-I use them too-but NOT WHEN YOU ARE APPLYING FOR A JOB. Oh, and here's another tip-use periods. I really don't want to read one long run-on sentence. I don't really expect perfection but it would be nice to know that the person I hire to care for my baby girl day in and day out has a least a rudimentary understanding of spelling and grammar.

Anyway-we are interviewing two older women this week on Monday and Tuesday. They are in their 40's, have three kids and, coincidentally, both women have a set of twins. They sounded very nice on the phone and I'm looking forward to meeting them. I really hope that we like at least one. I don't start back to work until September, so we have time, but I would love to know that we have someone good lined up. I am definitely feeling some anxiety over leaving my baby with a sitter, but knowing that Dan will be home (he works from home) helps me to feel a lot better. I guess I'm just having some guilt that I can't be the one home with my Alex. All in all though, my job is very kind on families. I get summers and holidays off. I'm home by four and Alex will be 7.5 months when I finally go back to work. So I can't complain too much-I have it a lot better than most women. I still feel guilty though-I had no idea going back would be so difficult!

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