Sunday, May 16, 2010

Never Thought I would Blog...

Well, the title says it all! I never thought I would blog but then enjoyed reading some of my mommy friends' blogs (mostly JM'ers) so much that I thought, "eh, why the heck not"? I'm still on maternity leave, so it gives me something to do while Alexandra is sleeping or otherwise amusing herself (i.e. finding anything and everything to put into her mouth!). And it definitely gives me a distraction from cleaning-which I really need to do but don't want to. Two dogs and one cat = massive amounts of hair on the wood floors. Right now the windows are open and the wind is coming through and unleashing some hairball "tumbleweeds" that had been living unseen under the couch until now. Oh now....clean later....

I'm not sure if anyone will actually ever read this blog, but it's kind of fun-like a grown up diary or something. And if people do read it and it helps them to deal with some of the things we are dealing with-that's awesome too! I get a place to vent and it will hopefully give someone else some support.

I think one of the reason I decided to blog is because I know that, before too long, we will be trying to get pregnant again. Should be a FUN process right?! Lol...not so much for us. Oh well, it started out fun, but after a whole bunch of medical assistance to conceive our miracle baby, it got pretty intense. I must say though-without that assistance and technology-Alexandra would not be I am beyond grateful for all the research and doctors who made her existence possible!!! And I would (and most likely will) go through it all again if it means having a chance at another miracle baby!

Anyway-I don't want to go into too much of that now-there's plenty of time later. But I do plan to write about my efforts to get my butt in shape before trying to get pregnant again and about any possible medical assistance we get to go through again (oh, and also beating pcos at its own game!). Infertility is such a taboo subject-it's time to make sure that it's out in the open and that it is no longer looked upon with shame and fear and stigma! Don't worry-this isn't going to be a super intense blog or anything-at least I don't think so ;) There will be plenty of pictures of Alex to lighten things up.

Anyway-I'm off to do another load of laundry...I'm washing all of Alexandra's new 6-12 month clothing. While I hate hate HATE doing laundry, I don't mind doing hers. All of her clothes are so tiny and so freaking cute that it doesn't seem as tedious as regular laundry. So there you have it-my rambling "don't know how to blog" first post ;) Cya!

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  1. I'll be reading!!! Can't wait! Blogging is so fun!