Monday, May 17, 2010

The Diet Starts Tomorrow....

LOL...I have said this too many times to count! And basically, I just say it to rationalize eating whatever it is that is really uber unhealthy. Sometimes I'll even say, "Diet starts next week". So ok, it's Monday and my goal/resolution is to no longer say "The Diet Starts (insert convenient time frame)". It's gonna be hard to no longer use this as a crutch, because it has become my way of excusing making poor food choices and not having to feel bad about it because I'll have a "fresh" start whenever I choose ;) But's not working. I end up giving myself free reign to eat whatever and it just leads to havoc!

So yeah-diet starts today. And it's not even a diet-I just need to change the way I eat in general. Having pcos, I am more prone to develop obesity and cardiovascular health issues. Not to mention, the healthier you are with pcos, the more chance of your cycles returning to "normal" and to conceiving without any medical assistance or not as much medical assistance. Getting healthier can also control other pcos symptoms. So really, I need to do this for me and more importantly...I need to do this for Alex. I want to be around when she is ready to have kids and beyond! Five pounds here, three pounds there may not seem like a big deal at the time...but it adds up and I am definitely heavier than I was in college and high school. Well actually, college has a lot to do with being heavier. College students could be one of the unhealthiest groups of people-I remember beer binges and pizza/wing binges at 2am! I wonder how we all survive it!? Sure was fun at the time though...

So diet starts today...I went to a nutritionist when I was going to the fertility specialist who gave me a plan for eating for pcos. I am starting it up today and getting my butt out for a jog. And the biggie-no more putting it off! No more saying, "Oh well...I screwed up today so I'll just eat starts tomorrow"! Wish me luck :)

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