Friday, April 22, 2011

15 Month Stats

Alexandra had her 15 month well check today. I can't believe it. Fifteen months. That just seems so old. I know, get a grip, right?! Anyway, it all went great. Alex is very tall, like Dan (who is 6'8") and lean...also like Dan. The pedi said that she is looking great <3 Anyway, current stats are: height = 34 inches (>97th percentile) and weight = 24lbs, 4oz (10th-25th percentile, compared to height). I feel so blessed to have a healthy little girl, and I just pray that she stays healthy and happy. If nothing else, infertility has really allowed me to understand the folly of taking things for granted. It's cliched, I know. But perhaps it is true that you understand the value of something to a greater extent when you have had to travel some dark roads to realize a dream.

And now...some pics of our rainy day spent at the mall play ground....

 Climbing the "grizzly" bear

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