Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Infertility and Superstitions..

I don't think I am *normally* a very superstitious person. I mean, it's probably kind of a continuum and most people fall somewhere on it. For example, in high school, I played soccer and swam. Well, before every game and/or meet, I had to get changed in the exact same order and eat the same lunch or dinner. I know. Weird. But I hear that it's typical for a lot of athletes to have odd "quirks". And they are forgiven for them. Heck, it's kind of expected. Thankfully, I never went to the point of wearing the same grimy, unwashed socks that some players do. I was in good shape in that respect.

But infertility, amongst other things, has made me superstitious. I don't know if this is a fate that befalls all infertiles, or if it's just one of my "charming" attributes. Regardless, I've dealt with this before and apparently will be dealing with it again.

Some of my past and/or present superstitions:
-If I get up one half a *second* before 10 minutes is up after insemination or intercourse, I will most definitely not get pregnant. This usually has me laying in bed with my hips tilted for 45 minutes or so...gotta be sure!
-If I buy anything baby related before I get pregnant, I will never get pregnant. I adjusted this (because I couldn't control myself) to: if I bought anything full price, then I wouldn't get pregnant that cycle. Because really-a deal is a deal. You can't fault a girl for going after bargains.
-If I whispered our chosen names to *anyone*, a friend/relative would inadvertently "steal" that name. Because of course, they would be pregnant first.

Ok, so there's only a few of many. So many rules going into this baby making regime!

And then there's the weird ones like, "if I make it through this yellow light, I will get pregnant within six months". Really?! Because what the heck is that all about?! I don't even understand it myself.

Now I'll tell you about what kicked off this entry. Today I went to Wegmans to buy some groceries. It was pouring and I had no coat. I did something I usually *never* do (seriously, I don't), which was to park in the "expectant mother parking". I know. I'm horrible. But like I was saying, it was raining, I had to get like 5 things and I had no coat...oh, and there were about 10 other open "expectant mother" spaces available. So I didn't think it would harm anyone. But I really am anal about stuff like that (for instance, I can't stand when people don't return their carts). Anyway, I digress. Well, after thinking about it, and being a believer in karma...I am now worried that I won't get pregnant because I parked in the pregnant lady parking place, which was just wrong. Karma. Karma will get you every time. It doesn't matter that, coming out of the store, there were still 8 spots left. Nope, I shot myself in the foot.

So yes. I'm weird. Maybe a little neurotic. I blame it on infertility. Easy scapegoat. Am I the only one?????

Anyway, here are some pics of Easter. We had a great time and the bunny hooked Alexandra up! The three of us had a nice morning together. We made pancakes and looked for Alex's basket. Then we went to my cousin's house for an Easter dinner with my parents and the extended family. Just a nice family day :)

 Alex "finding" the stash from the Easter bunny

 Her Easter outfit

 Crazy girl

 The Easter grass was the best part of the whole day!

Hanging out with her cousin...he's teaching her about stairs

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