Friday, April 15, 2011

Well Thank You, Creepy Work Guy....

We all have them. Creepy colleagues. Those people that are probably pretty harmless, but still set your teeth on edge. Maybe they have poor hygiene, maybe they live off of Easy Mac and do nothing else in their spare time but play World of War-Craft, or perhaps they're "close talkers". But whatever the case, they're out there.

We have one at work. He's 37. Lives with his mother. Has chronic ear infections-which I know because he always makes my best friend, an RN, look in his ears. And often says inappropriate (or obnoxious) things whilst trying to be funny. No social skills. And probably destined to be a single man forever. I'll call him Bob. And it's not that we hate bob. It's not that we wish him any misfortune...we just don't want to be alone with Bob in a dark alley. Heck, we don't want to be alone with him in the faculty room.

So my friend and I were eating our lunches together today with a few other people. Bob was hanging around too. He tends to lurk. We call him "The Shadow" because you'll be in a private conversation with someone and he'll just turn up at your side...which is creepy because NO ONE hears him or sees him coming until he is there. Anyway-back to the story. Bob "shadowed" his way into our conversation.

We were talking about a wine tour, a bunch of us ladies. And out of the blue, as if it were a logical extension of the said conversation, Bob pipes in with: "'re gonna be pregnant by Christmas". Huh???!!! Dead silence. We're all confused. Some more silence. Some looks exchanges. It took me a second to realize he was talking to me. And I can assure you that I have never discussed my fertility status with Bob. I reply with, "Oh, ok...are you clairvoyant"? Now I really was saying it jokingly, not trying to be mean or anything. Bob comes back with "No...I just have these thoughts about things like this. I get a feeling when someone is about to get pregnant. I have been right six outta six times now". My first thought, and I'm sure all the infertiles can relate, was "Hey...maybe he's weird because he knows stuff...maybe I WILL be pregnant by Christmas". My second thought was, "He doesn't know shit". My third thought was "Ewww...I really don't want him thinking about me in any other context apart from work". But strangely, illogically, my overall emotion was hope. Hey...the world is mysterious, right???

So then, a woman at the table said..."yeah, I think you'll be pregnant this time next year...I have dreams about these types of things". She goes on to say, however, that she hasn't had a dream about me, specifically. Damn!

So I work with a bunch of nuts. Generally harmless (well, jury is still out on Bob), mostly fun and well meaning. But infertility has played games with my mind. It has made me illogical.  I am now totally superstitious about ALL things baby related-which is worth another blog post on its own. So you can imagine the various things that have been going through my mind. And the ever present..."What if..." Today it was, "What if they know something? It could happen, couldn't it? Maybe they have some weird, cosmic connection to the universe..."

Anyway, thank you weird work guy and silly work woman. I don't know if I should be happy with your predictions or pissed off because now I'm probably jinxed. And such is the life of an infertile...analyzing everything-even crazy ramblings....

I guess we'll know by this time next year, as to how crazy they actually are...

Playing with her blocks and using poor Ivan as a pillow <3

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