Monday, April 11, 2011

Just One of Them Days...

...You know the ones...where you're just all around exhausted and stressed. Yep, had one of those days today. The day started with an 8am baby shower at work for a colleague who is having identical twin boys. They were conceived naturally. On her first try. On her honey moon. Yeah. Actually, it sounds like an infertile woman's worst nightmare, but it was fun. I like the woman, there was good food, my work friends were was ok. I wasn't really jealous-the whole thing just made the baby fever spike to new heights!

After that, I stayed chained to my computer for 7 hours...working on evaluations and setting up meetings and writing reports. Then, when I thought I was done for the day, I had two more cases to handle because a colleague is out on a mental health break. Good for her...not so good for me. Then I get a phone call from my husband saying he thinks that Alex has chicken pox. So he sends me pics...yep-that's what they look like. I tell him to call her pedi and take her in. Well, that would be good if I didn't have the SUV with the car seat in it. To make matters even more annoying, I had to stay at work late tonight to make a speech. So it was 85 degrees here today, I was stuck in my windowless office for 11 hours, and I couldn't go home at my regular time (3:30) to see my sick baby because of the stupid speech. Arggghhhh!

So my poor baby probably has chicken pox, but we won't know until tomorrow. I naively assumed that, because she had the vaccination, she wouldn't get it. Obviously I was wrong...but here's to hoping it's a much milder case. Poor kid :(

But on the bright side...I did get home in time to give her some snuggles before bed. And then mama had a nice big adult beverage and kicked her feet up. See, there is a silver lining (albeit tiny) to not being pregnant. And now...I'm ready to crash...night!

Update: We have a confirmed case of the chicken pox. The pedi seems to think it will be mild though, since Alex was vaccinated. Hope so!

 Chicken pox or not? We'll find out tomorrow...

Poor little monkey...but she's still happy!

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