Monday, November 14, 2011


So this past weekend, we have begun to change Alexandra's room. Basically, we put all of her baby bedding/decorations in storage and took down her changing table. Her room is now less of a baby room and more of a little girl room. It's exciting to redo things, but sad too. I got a little sentimental when taking down her changing table...I can't imagine how I will feel when taking down her crib (we're aren't quite ready for that yet!). are some pics of Alex's "big girl" room ;)  We have a mix of everything...owls, flowers, princesses, etc.

 The total picture

 A new bookcase where her changing table used to be

 <3 owls!

 Owl bedding

New lamp in keeping with the theme. Check out the Cinderella crystal lamp-that thing is sweet!

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