Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Actually....it is technically *less than* one week until our appointment (appointment is on the morning of the 6th, after all). So here we go! Time to jump into everything again! Yes...I am excited. Yes....I am a little nervous and, even now, somewhat unsure of what is about to happen. But I guess sometimes there is such a thing as "over-thinking" and perhaps now is the time to turn off my brain and just *act*. So we are jumping in, feet first. Now as long as my period stays away until either the day before, the day of, or right after my appointment, we'll be all set!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving and that you were able to spend it with the people you love. We had a great one here and are now very much looking forward to the Christmas holidays. Our tree is up and the house is decorated. Alex is now at the age where she is very curious and wanting to help with everything. Which is fun...albeit a slow process!

 Thanksgiving Day...all dressed up in her sweater dress! About to head out to our feast!

 "Eating" Thanksgiving dinner. For Alex, that consisted of a roll and three bites of turkey

 But she loved the pumpkin pie!

 Helping to unpack the Christmas tree

 Giving daddy a hand

 Very serious about putting up the first ornament

All done!


  1. awww how fun!!! Love pics! Can't wait to stalk you!!

  2. LOL....I hope there is something good going on to stalk!