Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Back To Reality.

We're back. That week in Florida went WAY too fast! But vacations always do, of course. We had a fantastic, fabulous, stupendous time! Man...I could get used to living somewhere tropical-sun, palm trees, sand, water. Why we live in the north east, I do not always know. It's gray, rainy, cold....expensive. *Sigh*

Anyway-we did have a great time and got to spend most of Easter with my parents, as we didn't fly home until about 5:30 in the evening. We went to the beach two times, to the pool multiple times, to the zoo, to the water park a few times. We really fit a lot in. Alex was an endless source of amusement for my parents...but I have a feeling they slept for an entire day after we left.

So back to reality. Work is "meh". This is my busiest time of year with annual reviews, reevaluations due and initial evaluations. What does this entail for me, you ask? Lots and lots and lots of report writing and paperwork. Ten-and-a-half weeks until summer vacation!!!! And now for some pics...

 At the water park

 Alex and I swimming

 Back at my parent's place

 Beachin' it

 Swimming on "her own"

 She loved loved loved the surf

Easter Pictures:
 Coloring eggs with Noni

 She found her basket!

 Showing off some of the loot

 All dressed up and ready for Easter brunch

At brunch! Check out the view

Annnnnnd....she discovered bacon


  1. Looks like a fabulous vacation! Alex is super cute and looks like she managed to wear her bathing suit without many problems. Looks like it was warm and beautiful. What part of Florida were you in?

    I hear you with the annual reviews...uggh! I just finished one this evening. Good times!

  2. We were in Fort Myers...and I want to go back!!! Alex was all good with the bathing suit, we talked about it quite extensively before we went, so that helped. And of course, the good 'ol social story, lol.

    Bleh-annual reviews. I'm spending the next two months in meetings :(