Thursday, April 12, 2012

Follow Up Talk

Yesterday we had our "follow up" talk with one of the RE's at our clinic. He's a nice guy. Very optimistic about our situation. Which made me feel more optimistic. Actually, it was a good appointment. His optimism was kind of contagious and I felt pretty good about things. Which is good because I've kind of been feeling grumpy about all things fertility related.

So upon beginning the appointment, the first thing that blurted out of my mouth was: "Do I have bad eggs"? Nothing like cutting to the chase. No formalities here. No chit chat. I was on a mission.

Dr. G seemed a little startled by the rather abrupt start to the meeting. He thought about my question and was like "Well yeah. I guess you do...but you have A LOT of eggs so just statistically speaking, you have good ones as well". Ok. That makes sense. Of course I wanted to hear that I have perfect specimen eggs, but I'll take that-given my sheer volume of eggs-some MUST be good. He went on to highlight my abnormally, ridiculously high ovarian reserve. So hey-we've got something going for us! Hey said, and I'm being serious, that we need to find the "valedictorian" of my eggs. He's a quirky dude. And damn PCOS for corrupting my eggs and making them low level achievers.

Soooooooo.....the plan is that I get clearance from my urologist on May 7th (my next follow up appointment) for the whole kidney stone issue. And by getting clearance-I mean that I *hope* to get clearance. Mr. Personality-my urologist-told me that sometimes these things take awhile to resolve. But let's think positively for now. Anyway, *if* I get clearance....I will do a my frozen embryo transfer in May, shooting for the end of May as being the transfer date. I wasn't sure about doing the transfer, as I only have one blastocyst that was fair grade, but Dr. G felt strongly that we should go ahead with it. He reiterated what I already know-some outwardly beautiful embryos are the *most* genetically flawed, while the ones that don't look outwardly perfect have all the *magical* genetic components to make a beautiful baby. You just don't know. AND apparently there is a 95-97% success rate for thawing at my clinic. And the way I think about it, if my poor little embryo doesn't survive the BIG THAW, then s/he wouldn't have made it anyway. So there's not much to lose.

But I'm not hanging all my hopes on a solitary little embryo. If it doesn't work, we plan to go out birth control pills until August to strengthen my eggs, and then do a fresh cycle. Heck-we leave for Australia for a month at the end of June, so that works perfectly with our already established plan.

We left feeling good. And that's important. We had our questions answered. Yes. I have crappy eggs. But gosh darn it-there's a lot of them! And it only takes one. We created a plan and I'm a BIG plan person. After the appointment, I had to go to Babies R Us to buy my friend a baby shower gift. I didn't even mind! Had I gone prior to that appointment, it probably would have really bugged me. Incidentally, my friend having the baby also has PCOS and tried to get preggo for quite awhile. She, however, was one of the "lucky" women who got pregnant through the use of Metformin alone. I had thought that was just a urban legend hitting all the PCOS chat forums.  So guess who has two fingers and is jealous? Yep. This girl here.

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