Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Have a "Gift"

So I have a gift. A sixth sense, if you will. A talent-useless as it may be.

Ok. It's really a curse--and still very much useless.

I can spot a pregnant person from a mile away. I swear. And I don't mean a seven month gigantore...I'm talking like a 6 week pregnant woman who hasn't told anyone except her husband. I'm serious. It's creepy.

Take today as a case in point. My friend, Laura, walked into my other friend, Nicole's classroom. She's been trying to get pregnant for about 10 months now with her second child. Laura and I have taken to lamenting about fertility and our crappy ovaries. I took one look at her and *I knew*. I just did. I don't know why...sixth sense. I said, "you're pregnant aren't you". She looked at me all wide eyed and innocent and tried to deny it. It was no use. The sixth sense had kicked in. She's currently six weeks. There goes my "misery loves company" buddy. Man, do the dynamics change fast when that sort of thing happens!

Then there was my other work friend last year. We were at lunch, talking about nothing special. I noticed that she was eating *really well* food from every single food group. I don't know why this caused me pause, as she normally is fairly healthy....but I just. knew. And she was only about six weeks too.

So there you go. Everyone has a talent at something. Mine just happens to cause me torment. And is useless. And is kind of creepy. Oh, and to top the day off, I got another invite to a baby shower and a Facebook "friend" just posted pictures of her 2 hour old baby girl. So, I'm thinking that it's time to call today quits. You gotta know when to give in. And right now, my bed and a book are calling my name.

 Our first 90 degree day since last summer!!! Yes-the cardigan did come off quickly!
Check out the knee socks...I wish that I could get away with wearing heart knee socks

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