Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Pic. And Telling the Boss.

So here's a pic of our little guy from yesterday at 6w 3d :) Here's to hoping that s/he grows bigger and stronger next week:

So I told all three of my bosses about my pregnancy. Mostly because if we have any kids with significant behavioral issues, I don't want to get involved in having to do any therapeutic restraints. Noooooo thank you. Not while pregnant. You never know when you'll get a knee to the stomach. So anyway-I kind of felt like I had to keep my bosses in the loop.

They were all good and excited and all that stuff. But my one boss knows of my fertility issues. So I was telling her about the whole IVF process. Why, oh why, did I go there? To a sounds like crazy science fiction.

The conversation kind of went like this:

Boss: " had 21 eggs!!! Oh My Gawd. You could have been like that Octomom"
Me: Well, human reproduction is wasteful, so I only had three eggs survive
Boss: What? Three out of 21? That doesn't sounds so good. Why did only three survive?
Me: Yeah. I don't really know ((in my head: I have PCOS and that can make crappy eggs))
Boss: You know, Mrs. X (insert name of parent of child who goes to our school) tried and tried and tried to get pregnant for years. Then she adopted her boys and got pregnant right away!
Me: ((Barf)) What I actually said: "funny how things work"...

So then I told her about IVF and the FET:
Boss: the egg and sperm were put together in a test tube? That's just amazing. Do they have to shake the tube up or let them get together on their own?
Me: Ummmm? (me now *thinking* that she is joking and seriously regretting the conversation in the first place).
Boss: How weird will it be to look at your baby and realize that they were frozen at some point? I wonder what that will be like....

Yeah, I'm not kidding. This isn't verbatim, but you get the picture. Why oh why did I go there???? Lesson learned. I am now a side show for my boss.....


  1. I can't believe how tiny that little one is!! Congratulations on the heartbeat and telling the boss. Things are progressing so great, I'm so happy for you.

    I actually saw these cute onesies (online) that said "Ice Ice Baby" or "I survived the ice age" on them.

  2. OMG....if this little guy makes it, I gotta get them. Or at least one!