Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The transvag.

And we have a gestational sac :) And it's not even in the fallopian tube-score! The sac was pretty gosh darn small, smaller than Alex's was at my 5 week u/s with her, but my HCG levels with her were also significantly higher by this point. So makes sense, I guess. The nurse even felt pretty sure that she saw a yolk sac too-which I totally did not expect at all-but is an extremely cool bonus.

The nurse seemed pretty positive about everything and actually warned me prior to the scan that we might not see a thing. So when we saw the gestational sac and the presumed yolk sac, she was happy and said she didn't really expect any better from an u/s at this gestation.

So we are not out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination....but he's hanging in there and has gotten A LOT further than my two "really good" quality day three embryos. Can't always judge a book by its cover. So for now, I will proceed with cautious optimism.

My HCG level today was a 776, which means that my levels have been doubling every 41 hours. Not too shabby. Progesterone went up to 10 again--which apparently is good for a FET, as your ovaries don't make any progesterone as they would in a stimulated cycle.

I'm actually pretty shocked to have even been lucky enough to see anything on the u/s, as most references say that you can't see anything until your levels reach 1000-1500. So for now, we relax a little. We enjoy the here and now and celebrate the moment. If something bad happens, we deal with it later.  

I've debated about posting our u/s picture, but I don't think I will. It's kind of anti-climatic, really (for everyone else). Not much more than a little speck. Here's to hoping the little guy gets some growing on....


  1. Wahoooooo!!! I knew it would be okay! Congrats mama!!!

  2. So excited for you!I hope that little underdog keeps growing as he should & that you have a happy & healthy 9 months! Congrats!