Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Houston, We Have a Heartbeat!

Wow, that title was a way lame, overused cliche. Sorry. After a brief spotting scare (thank you Crinone gel) I got to see my little guy today. Pretty much, I begged my clinic to let me in because I wasn't going to be able to concentrate on anything else today, after seeing a bit of pink blood on the TP this morning. It wasn't a lot. It really couldn't even be called spotting. But it was enough to freak my shit out. So...apparently, you're supposed to clean yourself out when you're on Crinone gel...or it can cause irritation. Hmmmm....that's probably something that someone should have mentioned to me along the way. Like, "here's your prescriptions, here's your next appointment....and don't forget to clean that shit out of you when you're in the shower next time". I'll let it slide though.

Anyway. I'm 6 weeks, 3 days today. Is it only the infertiles who know the exact, precise length of time that they have been pregnant???? Because I'm pretty sure a "normal" person would just say that they are "six weeks pregnant". But hell no, not me. I want credit for those three extra days, damn it!

So the little guy has played a lot of catch up since last week. S/he is now measuring on track for crown-rump measurements. In fact, s/he is the size today, that my whole gestational sac was last week! Talk about a growth spurt! We saw everything....sac (of course), yolk sac and baby....and the heartbeat.

I saw that little flickering immediately. I didn't think that it would be so amazing the second time around. I mean, c'mon, been there done that...but damn. It was spectacular. Seeing that little heart beating was like going through it all for the first time again. It felt the same way. If not more spectacular because I truly never believed that I would see this baby's heart beat. And it was a strong heartbeat- 115.5 bpm, which my favorite nurse (love her) said was great for my gestation and for the baby's crown-rump length.

She could find no evidence of bleeding in my uterus, no clots or subchorionic hematomas (sp!), no free blood in there at all. I haven't had any spotting issues since that one scary wipe at 5am.

Now that I've seen the heart beat, I'm in it. I'm attached. This is our baby. I'm going to keep pushing for him/her. And God willing, we will be holding a healthy baby in 7 1/2 months time <3>

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