Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ultrasound Update

Well, my little guy is hanging in there :) S/he was still measuring 5 days behind, but had grown roughly 3mm in 3 days, which is what they like to see. Also, the heart beat has gone up from 128 to 158 :) That makes me VERY happy :) Alex's heart beat was always between 160 and 170.

So the nurse, the same one from the other day with the scintillating personality (not) said that this guy may just be a "late bloomer" because of the FET and because of my obviously late implantation. I mean--hello!--a beta of only 25 at 9dp5dt??? Roughly equivalent to 15dpo. Yeah, definitely a late implanter.

The nurse said, "Well, I'm feeling much better about things today than I was three days ago". Now would this inspire confidence in you? Kind of-but not really. It means that she thought things sucked three days ago, but that they could be ok now. So I have mixed feelings about things.

But as a friend pointed out--this baby has been consistently behind. And especially with the FET and late implantation, s/he may be "right on" where they should actually be. The nurse also said, "Well it's not like you're that far behind". She said this to me in kind of a scolding manner when she could see I was worried. Because that's a good way to handle a hormonal, finally pregnant, infertile. Yeah. Not. Impressed.

So anyway...there's a little bit of blood in my uterus, but it is not coming from the sac, the placenta and is no where near the baby. Nurse Ratchet seems to think that it is coming from irritation on my cervix from the (surprise surprise) Crinone gel. Not altogether shocking as I keep having the clumpy gel discharge that is tinted with brown. Which is G-ross. Nursey did not think it was anything to worry about. SO instead of Googgling and working myself up per the usual, I'm taking this at face value and actually trusting the say-so of a medical professional. Even though she is probably younger and certainly bitchier, than me.

I have my next u/s on Thursday. It seems so far away. I hope my little guy keeps growing. I was able to hear his/her heart beat again and it sounded **so** strong and so solid. So healthy. I hope s/he is. I really do. Even if s/he is still 5 days behind, I'll be ok with it. Just means that it's consistent but still growing appropriately.

Eight weeks tomorrow. Hard to believe that I found out at only 3 weeks 5 days. I feel like I've already known/been pregnant forever. I thought the second pregnancy was supposed to go faster????

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  1. He's a fighter this one:) Yay for the increase in heartbeat!!!