Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day In The Life...

This is my "Day in the Life" post for my JM "Trying to Conceive with Medical Assistance" board (for those not from JM). We basically have to take pictures of our daily routines. It's fun-it appeases the "voyeur" in me ;) I like to get a glimpse into everyone else's life. Anyway, this week it's my week. And since I don't know how to post pics to JM unless they are posted on is my DITL...

 My day started at nearly 9am! Alex woke up about 7:15, but Dan got up with her since I get up early all week
 Time for a quick shower...have to clean the toys out after last night's bath
 I get out, throw on some clothes and make the bed/do a quick clean up
 Go to Alex's room to find her something to wear
 Time to let the dogs out!
 Alex trying to let the dogs back in again
 She's in a great mood this morning
 Alex and Dan already ate, so I made myself some pancakes and had a diet coke-my caffeine fix
 Then onto some dishes
 Alex was being awfully quiet, so I went to see what she was up to...pulling out all of the shoes from the shoe mat
 Then we go back upstairs to get Alex changed..and to dry my hair
 More or less ready to go
 We get in the car...try to get our errands done in the morning before the sun comes out
 Not bad...out of the house by 11 on a Saturday. That's unusual for us!
 Driving down the road
 First stop: Target. Need to get some diapers and odds and ends
Alex is not impressed with the shoe selection
 Second stop: Dunkin Donuts for the *real* caffeine
 Then we drive around a little bit aimlessly because Alex fell asleep and I don't want to wake her quite yet
 Third stop: Old Navy to make returns
 At the mall, we grabbed some lunch and went to the play place
 Alex loves this grizzly bear
 Finally back home again. It's hot and sunny now so Dan blows up Alex's pool and she get changed into her swim suit
 She's ready to go!
 Checking out her crab pool with built in sprinkler

 Spent a few hours outside...played in the pool, in the sprinkler and with her sand/water table. Now back inside and changed
 Time for me to get to some chores...putting away the morning purchases
 While I'm working, I put on some TV for Alex
 I decide to clean up the house because, as you can see, it's a bit of a mess
 Check the mail...nothing good
 Alex and I read together for awhile and then it's dinner time for her
My poor husband-slaving away in the bathroom all day to fix a few things

After that, Alex and I watched Dora and Diego, read a few books and she had her last cup of milk. She went to bed at 8 and here I am now working on this ;) Dan is still working on the bathroom so we haven't had dinner yet. I'm starving!

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