Friday, May 20, 2011

Decisions Made, Updates and an Eye Injury...

Will this is a bit of an "everything" post! So I think Dan and I have made the decision to begin fertility treatments in September. I seems so far away! We had originally planned to go back in March, but that didn't work out for a few reasons. Then we decided on June. And well, June just does not really make a lot of sense. If we went back in June, I would only get one cycle in (tops) before we leave for Australia in July. I'm kind of feeling like, "what's the point"? If the cycle didn't work, we could not start again until September anyway. If it did, that would be awesome...but I would be in that critical first trimester during our time in Australia. Do I really want to be so far away from home/doctors if anything were to go wrong??? So I'm kinda sad, but kind of not really. I am excited to go to Australia and to just enjoy our time there-and not have to worry about anything. And then when we come back to the states at the end of August, we can seriously begin. And start full on-not having to take any breaks...unless I have some of those pain in the ass cysts. I feel good about this plan. I really do. Plus, I get another summer to just enjoy Alex on her own...and she's at such a fun age right now....

Updates...not on me-on my fellow infertiles. My cousin is expecting boy/girl twins in July. I think she is around 32 weeks now. This is especially exciting because she suffers from PCOS and her husband has severe MFI. Their only hope was IVF and they conceived on their first cycle. Everything is going great (knock on wood) and I am actually going to her baby shower on Sunday. I think that they have decided on the names Colton (boy) and Reagan (girl). Keeping my fingers crossed that those babies keep baking for as long as possible!

Update #2: Dan's sister, Veronica, is expecting a baby boy. She is around 29 weeks pregnant and due in the beginning of August. Veronica had "The Triad": PCOS, *severe* stage 4 endometriosis, and her husband has MFI.  Talk about unlucky. They had done about 5 or 6 rounds of IVF and had never seen a positive. I can't imagine how disheartening that would be. Most would give up, but not Veronica. Despite all the odds, she kept going. The cycle they got pregnant on, they stimmed for another round of IVF. However, stimming did not go well and Veronica only produced one follicle. They canceled the round and decided to try the "old fashioned" way (despite their doctor telling them that there was no chance). Well, here she is, almost into her last 10 weeks and doing great! I love her story. She and her husband faced so much but look at them now. I hope that this story gives everyone hope! We'll be seeing them this summer when we go back to Australia. I can't wait to help out and to hold a newborn again!

And as for me...I'm typing this whole post with a bum eye. It's red and inflamed and crusty. Yeah, it's gross. Why do I have a nasty, crusty eye? That would be courtesy of my daughter. Alex and I were outside this afternoon blowing bubbles. She was so stinking cute (good thing...can't get mad) and kept dipping the stick into the bubbles, taking it out and holding it up to me to blow. Well, one time she got a little over-enthusiastic and shoved it into my eye. So I probably have a mixture of scratched cornea and irritation from the bubble liquid. Awesome. Oh well. Other than that mishap, it was a fun afternoon. Hopefully I wake up with a functional eye tomorrow. Or at least, a less oozing eye.


  1. Looks like we will be ttc buddies after all!!! I start my birth control around the end of August- will be doing blood tests and such for the IVF in Early October. I suppose we could go back to doing injectables and IUI- but after 3 failed already (due to me constantly over stimming) I am so sick of it! I have a feeling it is going to happen for you the first time :) So exciting!

  2. Yay for being ttc buddies! It would be great if we were in the same DDC! I would love if my first cycle worked, but I know that I have to be realistic ;)

    I think YOUR first round of IVF will work and you will be preggo with twins!!! I'll be sending you some positive energy!