Thursday, May 26, 2011

PCOS, I am getting awful sick of your antics

Seriously. At least if my cycles are going to stay irregular, why can't they consistently stay irregular? Because I have to say, having a 45 day cycle, a perfect 28 day cycle (tease), a 21 day cycle, 19 day cycle and 15 day cycle is wearing a bit thin.

Not that it was great before having Alex, when I'd go 60+ days without having a period, but at least I could count on generally knowing my pattern. My pattern, of course, being not having a period for a long ass time. But hey, that was normal for me Now I'm all messed up.

I had hoped that, after having Alexandra, some miracle would occur and my body would have straightened itself out. I knew it was pretty much a pipe dream...but I think that this is something all pcos'ers secretly hope for. I had some hope for awhile. After all, I've had way more periods in the last 13 months that I have had in the last 3 years! So I had reason to hope. But this every other week thing is getting a little excessive.

And the other reason to be annoyed with pcos: I have the day off today. It's a snow day give back. It's beautiful and sunny. Alex and I spent most of the morning playing in her sand/water box. because my cycles are all wacky, I have to go into the GYN this afternoon. Because, while wacky cycles are normal for women with pcos, it is not normal for me to have such short periods. Ugh. I hate using a vacation day in the doctor's office. I'll probably get reacquainted with the trans vaginal ultrasound wand as well. Icing on the cake.

So all in all I am annoyed. I thought about canceling the appointment because my cycle seems to be getting longer again, but then I got paranoid about canceling and convinced myself that if I didn't go, then something would be wrong. So, alas, I am going in.

Keep your fingers crossed that there is nothing *new* wrong in there....

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  1. i had the secret hope as well. Everyone was convinced that once I had a baby, my body would "right itself" and "open the flood gates" to easier conception and regular cycle... PAHHH! I did have a short(er) cycle this last time, 37 days, and I am trying the soy this cycle to see if it will regulate me and possible bring on Ovulation! Good luck at the DR. post your results ASAP!