Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Sunny Forcast...

Finally, we have a whole week of sun forcasted! I cannot wait! It seems like it has been raining continually for the last month. After a long winter, I have very little tolerance for a raining/dreary spring. Anyway, we had great weather today for my best friend's daughters' birthday party. Rylee is turning four and Reese is turning one. All the kids had a great time in the bouncy houses and on the playground. Alex is at such a fun age now. She can do so much, understand so much...and it was just so satisfying to see her exploring the park "on her own" and hanging out with some of the other little ones. Was a great day :) And now for some pics....of course.

 One of the birthday girls, Reese, turning 1

 Alex-waiting for her hot dog

 She was ready to steal that balloon!

 Birthday girl #2: Rylee, turning 4. I had some trouble getting a good pic of her

 Alex checking out the bouncy house

 Tunneling through

 Jill and I with the one is looking though, as usual

All three kids again-except Alex is ready to go AWOL

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