Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's Officially...

...The camp season!!! That's right. Camp is officially open, as of Memorial Weekend. Camp being my parents' summer house on the river. Calling it a camp is a little misleading. I'm not much of a camper. I like the modern amenities.

Anyway, Dan, Alexandra and I had a wonderful time. The weather was dicey but, in general, it stayed dry. We didn't get in the jet ski or the boat this weekend, but we did get to visit with cousins and friends and generally relaxed. Last time we were at camp was early September. It's so crazy to see Alex now actually knowing what is going on and investigating and being a part of it all. She was way too young (and immobile) to do that last year. Just another moment that makes me stop and realize how fast things change <3

And on to better news....18 more days of work until I have off until September!!!!! So excited to be with Alex this summer :)

Some pics of Memorial Day Weekend up at camp

 Chilling on the deck...Alex loved this dog!

 This may be one of my favorite pictures ever. Alex "telling the dog off"

 A beautiful day on the river

 Alex exploring...that's camp in back of her

 I like this picture...Alex was a little annoyed that she had to hold daddy's hand on the dock


And now a comparison from the same time last year
Lol...barely looks like the same kid. She was about 4 1/2 months here

It's so crazy how much things change! In one year, Alex went from a infant who couldn't yet sit up unsupported, so a mischievous, babbling, running child! Cliches are cliches for a reason: because they are true. And saying that children grow up so fast is the biggest cliche ever. But it might also be the biggest truth. 

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