Friday, March 23, 2012

80 Degree Weather and a Hospital Stay. Sucks.

Man. I've had a crappy February and March. Like-really bad. Of course, most of you know about all the IVF stuff already and how sick I felt after that...and then getting sick with the stomach bug...having Alex get sick....and then I had a hospital stay :( Here's what happened:

Sunday night I began running a 100 degree fever and had bad chills. Monday, Dan drove me to the doctor's because I felt too sick to drive myself. I was diagnosed with some sort of UTI and given Cipro. That afternoon, I was running a 103 fever-pretty high for an adult. I felt absolutely horrible. And I was freaking out because Dan was leaving for Germany that evening for business. I began alternating doses of Advil and Tylenol. So by the time he had to leave for the airport, I felt somewhat better. Basically, I told him to go, that the Cipro would kick in and we would be fine. Alex and I survived the evening and that night I did not sleep because I was running a fever all night.

The next day, I barely had the strength to get Alex to daycare, but managed. I came home, took more medicine and vegged on the couch. I actually felt pretty decent and thought that the Cipro was finally kicking in. I took a nap. When I woke up, I had horrible chills. I mean-whole body shaking chills. I should mention that it was probably 75 in my house and I was in long pants and long sleeves-and still shaking. I took my temperature: 104. Well, that couldn't be good.

So I call my doctor and tell him what's happening. He says that the Cipro should be working by now and that I needed to go to the hospital to get IV antibiotics.

So then begins the freak out. Dan was out of the country, my parents are in Florida for the winter, and his parents are in Australia. My friends are all working. I can't drive myself to the hospital because I'm too sick by this point. And WHO is going to pick up Alex from daycare???? All the people who could pick her up because they are on the "pick up list" are OUT OF TOWN or out of the country. And-you can't add people to the pick up list by simply making a phone have to do it in person for obvious reasons. So I'm basically screwed. I start crying, which makes me feel worse. And what was I going to do with Alex??? She certainly wasn't going to the ER with me. Who could watch her? My friends would, but I hated to ask them in case I was admitted to the hospital, because they all work. I knew they would do it for me, just didn't want to have to go there if I didn't have to.

So what ended up happening is that my God Mother drove to my house, picked me up and we drove to Alex's daycare in my car. Picked her up. My friend, Nicole, followed us  over in her car. So once we got Alex in the vehicle, my God Mother drove her back to our house. And Nicole drove me to the ER.

And they admitted me. Not only did I have some type of bad UTI, but kidney stones. Ugh. I have a tendency to form stones. I ended up receiving TWO bags of IV antibiotics because of the nasty infection and they thought they may have to go in and take the stones out surgically. However, they decided they were small enough to be passable. So now I'm just waiting to pass the stones-and hoping that it isn't too God awful.

But staying in the hospital sucks. It always sucks. No matter what. However, staying in the hospital for two days when it's hot and sunny out. That's just torture. Especially when you are rooming with a crazy woman who is groaning all night and telling the doctors how she smokes pot everyday for anxiety and who speaks EXTRA LOUDLY on her cell phone at all hours.

Anyway. I'm home now. Thank God. I have to follow up with a urologist on April 9th. Hopefully there is something we can do to stop the stone formation. I knew that I was sucking on drinking my water. After my last kidney infection/stone issue, I was obsessed with drinking 100 fl. oz/day. That last issue was four years ago, so I'm guessing the water helped. Well...I've since begun slacking....and I guess I just can't. The rule is-100/day. One good thing did come out of it...Dan came home from his business trip early <3

Hope you all had a better week then I did! Wouldn't be too hard to do!

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