Wednesday, March 7, 2012


9 dpo...and I know something for certain.

The trigger shot has left the building. Wahoo! Which is probably why I don't feel like death anymore. I don't remember Ovidrel affecting me nearly as much as the actual HCG trigger. Perhaps I had a small bug on top of everything (kids = mini typhoid Mary's), but all I know is that last week was rough!

So I was greeted with a BFN today. I totally expected that. It's so early! But I simply could not resist the call to pee on something. At least I know the trigger is gone now and that *if* another line were to appear, I don't have to wonder if it is real or not. So that's a good thing.

Off to work in a few minutes. It is going to be SIXTY today! How excited am I, you ask? Nearly delirious with happiness. And not only will it be warm-but sunny!!! I'm thinking that Alexandra and I might get some outdoor playtime in this afternoon. I know that daycare will bring them outside to the playground today-probably a few times...she's going to lose her mind! That kid adores the slides and climbing...and mud puddles!

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