Sunday, March 11, 2012

I'm Calling It.

I'm calling it: IVF cycle numero uno's official time of death: 3/11/12 at approximately 10am.

Good ol' Aunt Flo showed up. And there's no mistaking that it's the hag and NOT implantation bleeding. This is something new that she's doing, showing up before I am told to stop taking the progesterone suppositories, showing up before the official "call of doom" from my clinic. Not sure how I feel about this. Hoping that it doesn't mean that my progesterone levels have sucked this whole time....

I'm doing ok. Surprisingly, I haven't shed a single tear. I really was prepared for this outcome. Now it's time to start looking ahead, time to start planning the second cycle. We really have to figure out **when** we want to cycle again. Although, that also depends on whether we will do IVF again, or IUI. If we are doing IVF again, I'm just not sure. This month is out. We need a break-and we have vacation to look forward to!

That leaves us with an April/May cycle-which is our only option because we are going back to Australia for a month at the end of June.  Basically, we are trying to decide if we want to fit one more cycle in before that trip, or start anew in August. I waver every single day. April/May would be crazy, because it's annual review/reevaluation time, so I really can't afford to miss work. In August, I would be more rested, not back at work and so days off wouldn't be an issue. The downside-having to wait until August. So I don't know. Not a decision we have to make straight away. I guess we'll see how we feel in a month.

In other news--my poor little monkey has been running a fever since Friday night :( It started off fairly low-grade (around 100) but has been higher yesterday and today (between 101-101.6). Alex is acting relatively happy....until she gets tired-understandably. I tried to schedule her a pediatrician appointment yesterday, and they were unexpectedly closed for computer upgrades-grrrrrr. Of course, they have no Sunday hours so my only choice is taking a sick day tomorrow to take her in. Plus, she can't go to daycare until she is fever-free for 24 hours. This is the problem with not having grandparents around. My parents spend the winter in Florida and, well, Dan's parents are a zillion and a half miles/continents away....

And Dan is on business in NYC, so it's just me and Alex. Not that Dan would be able to do anything to help Alex any more than I could, but it would still be a comfort to have him around for this. I hope she feels better soon; I just feel so badly for her--especially because she doesn't really want to eat or drink anything. And it's a beautiful day and I can't even let her outside. *Sigh*....Poor kid :(

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