Thursday, August 16, 2012

FET Update...and Stuff.

I just realized I never updated my blog regarding my appointment last Friday. It went well. Kind of not-so-exciting but, then again, how exciting can a frozen cycle be??? Unless of course you end up pregnant. I gotta say though, I DIG the frozen cycles! They are. so. easy. Seriously. Go to the doctor's one or twice, take some pills, insert some progesterone and voila--you're ready for the transfer. Way better than the shit that comes along with doing a fresh cycle!

So anyway, as of last Friday, my lining was on average over a 9. They want to see at least 7 1/2. So we're good there. My instructions were to continue with the Estrace three times/day and begin with Crinone Gel two times a day beginning last Sunday. And tomorrow is my FET at either 10:15 or 10:45. I suppose I should check on that. I wonder when they will tell me if my little guy has survived? My poor little left over embie. Today? Tonight? Tomorrow--after making the drive to the clinic? When do they actually thaw them anyway? many questions. I'm deliberately not doing research because I know myself and I know that I can get all single-minded and obsessive.

We'll see what happens. I'm amazingly relaxed about all of this. Probably because I have realistic expectations for a cycle that is a. frozen b. with only one embryo and c. one embryo of fair quality. Best case scenario, the embryo takes and gives us a healthy baby! Second "best" case is that the embryo doesn't survive the thaw and we get our 1250 back. Worst case scenario is that the embryo survives the thaw and I don't get pregnant. Well, you get it...because I'm not pregnant and OUT 1250. I don't mean to sound mercenary, but hey, I don't work in the summer.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day! FET in the morning and then home to clean and cook for our big pool party on Saturday. Got lots to do. I'm going to try to get a lot of the more active cleaning stuff (i.e. vacuuming) done today so I can take it relatively easy tomorrow after the procedure. Luckily my mother is going to come over in the afternoon to help out. Yeah, so this party and my FET were poorly timed. Oh well. Can't stop life because of these treatments. 

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