Friday, August 31, 2012

My Little Underdog....

He's still holding on. Beta was a 49.5 on Wednesday and was a 110 today. So I believe that makes the doubling time 41 hours now.

Man. I have such mixed emotions. Grateful that he's still hanging in there. Proud of him. But worried about becoming used to the idea of this pregnancy. Worried about becoming attached. I'm feeling it start to happen; it's understandably harder to stay detached as time goes by.

So I'm still on for my first obstetrical u/s on Wednesday. I'm really not sure what they think they'll see, given that my levels will probably not be anywhere near where they need to be in order to see anything. And of course, that's just another big mind feck--going for an u/s and not seeing anything. I guess I'll just have to mentally prepare myself for that.

I'm still really worried about an ectopic. Although, from what I have read, levels generally tend to start off higher, but fail to double adequately. I hope this is the case. I don't need a bum tube on top of PCOS riddled ovaries.

On a different topic (yep--I can actually talk about OTHER things. Amazing, right?), we are going up to camp tonight for the long Labor Day weekend. It's usually a pretty busy weekend and there should be a lot of people around...which makes for a lively time. Of course this weekend also means that the summer is over--and I have to go back to work on Tuesday :( Will it ever get easier to go back to work after being home all summer with Alex???

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