Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Well Hello, Stranger.

Still on a semi-blogging break. Partly because I'm lazy, partly because I'm pretty busy (despite not working atm) and partly because I'm not really in the mood to talk about fertility/infertility etc etc etc. I am! We got back from Australia about two weeks ago. We had a fabulous time, despite the weather being unseasonably cold for their winter. And by cold, I mean 65-70. I know, what a joke. But despite the mild weather by our standards, my sister-in-law and in-laws were all bundled up in their "jumpers" (sweaters to us) and fluffy socks. They looked at us like we were nuts in our capris and tank tops.

But we did have a great time. It's always so exciting to go and always so hard to leave. I get along great with Dan's family and wished that we could all be in one area all the time. It was hard for Alex to leave her Nana and Deda as well. She kept saying "I want to keep them". Poor kid. There were definitely tears at the airport upon our departure back home. Four weeks always goes sooooo fast! Alex loved hanging out with her cousin, Will, who has just turned one (after sister-in-law went through 4 IVF's). Alex called him "Baby cousin baby Will". It was nice to see the two of them together. It's funny how little kids "get" each other, even babies as young as one. They just understood each other and even played-despite the age gap. Very cute to see. I think Alex liked bossing him around because he's too young to know better. We'll see how that goes next summer when she is 3 1/2 and he's 2!

We fit a lot into those four weeks. We went on a family vacation to the Whitsundays--Daydream Island. Yes, they had a swim-up bar. Yes, we took advantage. We had Will's big first birthday party, visited with extended family, went to the Botanical Gardens in Rockhampton, had dinner with friends, spent a night in Brisbane with Uni friends, went to the beach, went on a rainforest walk on Daydream Island, went on some picnics, to playgrounds, etc etc etc. Was a good time. Back to reality now.

And reality is.....our FET is underway!!! We only have one five day blast of fair quality. I'm not holding out a huge amount of hope for success....but hey...this could be it. This little blast could have all the components to make up a complete human being. I feel like I should give the little guy a chance...he's held in there this long.

So I'm on Estrace three times/day and go back Friday for a lining check. Hopefully it will be nice and fat. Also hoping my little guy survives the big thaw, but if he doesn't (I wonder why I keep saying he????) then he probably wouldn't have made it in utero anyway. C'est la vie.

Of course I have to add some pics :) Probably the next post....

Ps. If you're wondering how Alex did on the LONG plane rides, here's the answer:

Mostly good. With a few exceptions. On the way over, she was really pretty sick, running a fever and with a sore throat. Just our luck, she got sick the day before we left. The doctor felt it was just a virus that had to run its course. I was hoping to get some antibiotics out of the deal, but that was a no-go. Anyway, she slept a lot on the way over, which was great. BUT, because she was sick, she wanted to sleep on me the entire time. So yeah, I basically held her for 6 hours straight before handing her off to Dan. I'm all for snuggling but......

On the way home, she did excellent. There was only one flight that she was cranky for-but apart from that, she was a virtual angel :) Tablets are lifesavers. Just sayin'. And snacks. And the mini magna-doodle. 

Oh, and the Dallas/Fort Worth airport that had a children's play place. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! You Texans are wonderful, smart, fabulous people!

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