Monday, August 27, 2012


At least according to my Clear Blue Easy digital test. You know, the brand that gave me two negatives a few days ago.

I even took a picture of the darn thing, I think just to prove to myself that the result really came up and actually happened.  I wanted to post the picture on here-but for right now, my camera is MIA (you can thank Hurricane Alex and her band of Little People couch dwellers for that).

So according to CBE, pregnant. CBE was as decisive as usual.

My blood test was not quite so decisive, however. My HCG came in at 25.5. My Progesterone came in at 10 point something.

To be quite honest, after that super light line yesterday, I was just expecting a completely negative blood test today. Anyway. According to these tests results, I'm pregnant, but just barely so. And once again, who EVER said that you couldn't be "just a little bit" pregnant? Because I think that myself and a zillion other women have proven that to be a silly statement.

I generally like my clinic. But sometimes I think they try too hard to be optimistic. And I just feel like they are blowing pixie dust up my arse. Just level with me. That's all I want. When the nurse gave me the results, I said "Man...that's kind of low for 15dpo isn't it?".

Nurse said "Oh, it's fine. Anything 25 and over is fine for right now".
Me: "Really? Because I have a feeling it's a chemical.
Nurse: "Oh no, the results are 'adequate'....especially for a frozen cycle".

And perhaps this is true. Perhaps frozen embryos are the slow underdogs of embryos. I dunno. But I do know what I have read on Google, and it's not making me think too highly of such a low level.

So the wait continues. Beta number 2 is Wednesday at 9:45.


  1. OMG! I really hope that beta will go up and up. Stay positive (even though it's so darn hard to do) Hugs!

  2. Thanks! I hope so too...waiting sucks ;)