Thursday, February 23, 2012

Clinic Called...

...and they want to lower my Gonal dose from 225 to 150 units. Not sure how I feel about this :/ This is my 18th day of stimming and I think that I will have a nervous breakdown if things don't work out at this point-either through IUI or IVF.

I think they are a little worried about how fast my estrogen is rising: going from a 64 to a 532 to a 1500+. They really don't want my estrogen to be over 5,000, a level it could very well get to if my numbers keep increasing the way they have been.

Basically, it's a 50/50 shot between having to go the IVF route or IUI. By lowering the dose (so I was told) they hope that one of two things happen:

Scenario one: it gives some of the smaller follicles a little extra time to catch up to the bigger ones so that if we have to go IVF, I will have a larger amount of mature follicles.

Scenario two: A few of the bigger ones will keep growing, while the smaller ones stop and we can continue with an IUI.

What they are afraid of is going forth with an IUI when I have a few mature follicles, and several "borderline" mature ones...because no one knows if they would mature upon doing the trigger shot.

And let the dance begin! I have no idea what will happen whatsoever. I'm nervous about decreasing my meds but understand the reasoning. I guess I just need to place my trust in these people, knowing that they do this all the time. But it's hard to give trust when you want something so badly.

I'm just hoping to *get the chance* to try to get pregnant. Please, please, please....let me have a two week wait....and a healthy baby at the end would be GREATLY appreciated :)

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