Thursday, February 23, 2012

You Know You're an Infertile Part 3

You know you're an infertile....when...

1. Your dentist knows that you are trying to make a baby

2. You feel the compulsion to try to "beat" your (pregnant) friend to all the good names by staking claim to a name. Oh yeah, and you aren't pregnant at the time.

Both things happened today. Ah, it's a good day to be infertile! Ok, not.

Number one speaks for itself. Every time I go into the dentist's office, they inquire about the status of my womb. We talk about how heavily medicated I am-depending on the month and/or the time of month-and then they bid me adieu, cheerfully hoping me to be impregnated by my next visit.

Number two....I'm a possessive monster when it comes to names. I have this unnatural (but kind of understandable) fear that all the good names will be GONE by the time I get around to having a second child. So that being said, I like to lay out my choices ahead of time. Tonight, for instance,  I went out to dinner with three girlfriends. One is twenty weeks pregnant with a girl. When we asked her about names, she said that they weren't sharing.

Ok. I get that. Because, really, who wants everyone else's opinion? thinking was that I had to beat her to a good name so she couldn't use it (or if she decided to use it, would realize she was "stealing" my name) because, seriously....she may be on to her second or third by the time I get to having another. So I say, "Oh well when we get pregnant, we've picked out a name for a girl already". I go on to say the name (which, incidentally, is Lilah Madeline). Just putting it out there. Just in case....and, in other words, back off my name.

Can I blame this craziness on my uber high estrogen levels????


  1. You know you're infertile when your nursery is an empty room with only a mini fridge containing your IVF meds! I feel your pain, definately blame it on the hormones!

  2. I wont pick out a name in the top 1000 (yes one thousand)that way I don't have to worry about anyone steeling my names! My husband thinks I'm insane...but we have 3 kids names picked out that we both adore! Odessa Irene, Aurelia Everly, and Caspian Lee. If we have 2 boys... that 2nd baby's name will probably be "baby boy" because it's the only name we both like. We don't care if anyone else likes them. And getting to claim their names helps me believe they will some day make it into our lives. I can almost see them!

  3. Oh Rachel...I hear ya! For a long time, our nursery was the guest bedroom that I tried to avoid because it made me sad being in there! It just sucks, doesn't it?

    Sarah....Beautiful names! I had Alexandra Eva picked out for *years* before I actually had her. I was so thrilled to be able to finally use it! I'm glad I'm not the only one who is name possessive. I very much hope you get to use yours soon!

  4. Thanks for your comments. Are you going to the Syracuse CNY office? Using cetrotide worked well for me so hopefully you will have the same luck. My estrogen peaked at 7672 and I was feeling whacked out. I couldn't communicate clearly, my memory was shot, and I was even uncoordinated. Kinda crazy!

    Hoping you get some answers soon and have a good plan in place!

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