Sunday, February 5, 2012

Send it MY Way....

Some "no cyst" dust, that is! Because, and I'm being serious, if my medicated cycle is delayed by a cyst...I will (very) likely fall apart into a sobbing mass on the exam table. I've done it before, I can do it again. Those poor nurses...having to deal with me (and hormonal women like me) before 9am.

Anyway, I'm ready and rearing to go. Today has been an "excited" day, where I have been largely optimistic throughout the day. Most negative fertility related thoughts have been kept at bay-go me! I did realize, however, upon leaving the shower, that I now need to keep up on a STRICT shaving schedule. Now I think that most women relax with leg shaving in the winter. I, for example, tend to shave the bottom half of my legs more than the top during the winter. Welllll....that's gotta change. So now I have got to take the extra time in the morning to shave my WHOLE leg. And trust me...mornings at my house...I have not a minute to spare! But whatever....if I get a baby, I guess that it's small potatoes. If this cycle does not yield a baby, then that's another story. Kind of similar to the song "I shaved my legs for this?!" isn't it?

Wish me luck!

 There it Gonal-F pen refrigerated and ready to go! Right next to the bread and left over spinach calzone ;)


  1. I just started with the Gonal-F yesterday, but I'm mixing it with Menopur and Lupron...quite a process. Good luck!