Thursday, February 9, 2012

Monitoring Ultrasound #1

Monitoring ultrasound #1 was....."eh". Pretty anticlimactic actually. My appointment was at 6:30am, which meant that I had to leave the house at 6 and usually I'm NOT even awake by that point, much less showered, changed and leaving the house. So that was a challenge. And as much as getting up that early (5am) sucked, thank God for early morning appointments or else I don't know how I would work this all out with my work schedule.

Anyway, tangent over. So basically, there were NO follicles on either ovary that were big enough to be worth measuring. I went into the ultrasound trying to be prepared that we don't usually see much in the very beginning. And really, I had only been stimming three days. But it was still disappointing to see that my ovaries were looking very PCOS in nature-a gazillion tiny follicles, but none taking the dominant path. All the nurse really said was that my follicles were being stubborn. She didn't seem too concerned though. My lining was good though! Already almost an 8 when they like to see it at 7 for IVF or an IUI! So that's a bit of good news.

Anyway, I've been upped from 75 units of Gonal to 112.5 units. Not a very big jump, but they are afraid of overstimulating me. Hopefully it's enough to wake my sluggish ovaries up. Estrogen was only at we have a ways to go! My big fear, of course, is that I am not going to respond properly to the medicine. I tend to take a long time while stimming, so none of this is unusual. Still nervous about it though.

Next ultrasound it Saturday morning...hoping that it is a little bit more eventful in the follicle department! Geez....I hope I have something that is at least measurable!

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