Saturday, February 25, 2012

We Are ON.

We are scheduled for a retrieval on Monday. We go in at 12:30. Yikes! I am having trouble wrapping my head around the idea of IVF. We kind of just fell into it, versus making the conscious decision to pursue this route of treatment. I feel unprepared. I feel excited. I feel scared. Seriously-can I just have ONE emotion at a time for once??!!

So I was really excited to get a time. But my estrogen levels caused me pause. It was around 5700. That seems awfully high. The nurse didn't seem too concerned and they gave me a prescription called Dostinex to help prevent OHSS. But I gotta say, the thought of OHSS scares the crap out of me!

Basically....I have all the warning signs for possibly developing OHSS: PCOS, estrogen above 4000, tons of large and medium sized follicles. I really am kind of freaking out. Stupid Google. Ahhhh-why do I Google things? What would possess me to think typing "OHSS" into Google would be a good idea? I should have known better. I know that I can be obsessive. That I can be a worrier. Using Google in such a manner is never, NEVER a good idea. Because what comes up? All the BAD stories, of course. Stories about women ending up in the hospital getting their bellies drained, gaining 32 pounds in 4 days, being sick as a dog.

So I'm scared. It really sounds horrible-and dangerous. But I guess the only thing I can do is hope for the best. I've been really weepy the last few days too. MUCH more than typical, as I'm usually pretty even-keeled. So yeah, that makes things look that much scarier. Stupid hormones :o

Trigger is at 1am tonight-er-tomorrow morning. I'll be the one setting two or three alarms, just in case....


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  2. Just saw your other post! Yes...I go to the Syr., office. Dr. Greene is doing the procedure, and I hear from a few people that he is awesome! He did yours right? I start my Dostinex tomorrow morning, but for some reason, they aren't having me do the other injectable medication which lowers estrogen levels. That kind of has me nervous, since the level just seems high.

    I hope you're feeling good today...and that there has NOT been any more spotting!

  3. I took the cetrotide earlier in my cycle. Your follicles are probably ready and they don't have time to let you coast. I'm sure everything will be fine. I also googled ohss like crazy and it scared the crap out of me. Try to stay away from Dr. Google!

    Dr.Greene also did my retrieval and transfer. He is great! Where do you live? I also saw that you are a school psychologist. I'm a speech pathologist. Small world! Feel free to email me as well:

  4. How funny is that! I work very closely with our speech pathologists (and am good friend with one of them)! Working in two K-4 buildings, whenever I am doing an evaluation, they usually are too! Are you in a school? Early Intervention? It seriously is a small world!

    We actually live in the N. Syracuse area. How about you? I'm relieved that you've had such a good experience with Dr. Greene. My friend has done an IVF cycle with him and says that he explains everything very well. I'll definitely have to email you sometime :) Right now, I'm about to down some Gatorade-taking some preemptive measures with the OHSS!

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