Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What WILL It Be?

What will happen? IUI? IVF? God forbid, cancellation? I had to add that last one in there, because I don't want to jinx anything...and of course, I'm also afraid of backsliding.

So today's appointment went well. I brought Alexandra with me, and it's always nice to show her off there since, without that staff, she most likely wouldn't exist. She was a very good girl but became really upset when they went to take my blood! Poor kid still remembers her two year lead test.

Anyway. Here's the deal. Lining was around an 11. There were at least five dominant follicles on my right ovary, measuring between 10 and 14. This is good. They grew! They were measuring around 7 and 8 two days ago, with a few 10's thrown in. My left ovary, per the norm, was hiding and she couldn't get a great look at it. However, from what she did she, it looks like I have at least two or three dominant ones on that ovary as well. She said there could have been more, but she simply could not get a proper look. estrogen went from a 532 two days ago to a 1529 today! So it basically tripled in two days' time. Holy cow! Like I said before...I'm pretty sure my estrogen was only in the two hundreds for the IUI cycle that I became pregnant with Alex. So this is completely new ground for me!

So things are happening! I go back again Friday but am praying that my little follicles continue to grow big and strong and healthy! What a roller coaster this cycle has been.

I wonder what will happen though? It's kind of up in the air at this point in time in regard to IUI vs. IVF. I think that it really could go 50/50 each way. I mean, if all the stand-out follicles I have growing how continue to grow, then we'd have to do IVF. However, if some of them stop growing and let the other ones grow bigger, IUI still may be an option. My fear, of course, as usual, is that progress will just arrest. I'm so worried about that :/ I'm hoping that, at this point, that happening would be very unlikely.

And if I do have many do we implant (assuming we get some good embryos)? I really am worried about twins, not because we are daunted by having two more kids, but because of the risks associated with carrying twins. I had a *very* mild case of pre-eclampsia with Alex. She was delivered at term and my blood pressure never sky rocketed or anything (and I was only spilling trace amounts of protein)...but the thought of having it again worries me-especially with how strenuous it is to carry two at once. I know people are probably thinking " can end up with twins through IUI too". And that is true...but there's a difference between having two or three well developed follicles and having two good quality embryo's placed. Twins in the latter scenario are more likely.  So do we just implant one? But then I feel that the chance for success would go down.

Agghhhh! I'm getting ahead of myself. We'll just keep moving ahead and I guess make those decisions if/when we get there. Grow little follies, grow!


  1. What are the success rates at your clinic for IVF? You can always go online and look at the SART records for your clinic. If they are really good then you may have a great shot with one embryo!!

    I will probably transfer both my embryos together next time too... I thought I may do one at a time after this, but I really want to be done being pregnant and just enjoy my kids :)

    You could also talk to your RE about a follicle reduction. When I over stimmed they did that once. It wasn't bad. They just did a mini retrieval type thing, but didn't actually take the egg out. Just drained it so that I would have a more controlled number of follicles to work with. It's an option.

    Now that I have seen though that out of 13 fertilized eggs we only ended up with 4 perfect blasts, I would never do an IUI again. The odds for ME personally would not be great, even though I am younger, then PCOS clearly has done a number on my egg quality. I feel LUCKY my iui worked with RONAN! Seems like a miracle now!!!

    Can't wait to see how you go!!!!

  2. Melissa-I think we both got so lucky the last time around...getting preggo so shortly after doing injections! I am also worried about my egg quality. How the heck can PCOS affect **everything**?

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