Friday, February 3, 2012


That's baseline ultrasound is scheduled: Monday at 8:15 am! Good ol' Aunt Flo came full force today; and of course, the old bat came at like too late to get in today...and they only take emergencies on Saturdays....sooooo...Monday it is! But I can't complain too much. At least she came. At least it's not cycle day 64 and I'm still waiting. Now if only she will stay far far far away this time next cycle!

I figure I will be starting my Gonal-F injections right on Monday, as I will be on day 4 by then. I'm excited. I'm anxious. I'm dreading the whole "every other day" monitoring thing. I now know what goes into stimming and treatments, which may be a good thing and a bad thing simultaneously. But, once again, I can only be grateful that such treatments exist. Thank God I wasn't born 50 (or even 40) years ago! LOL...I started to type "30" and then realized...what the hell?! I'm 31? How DID that happen?????

Anyway, if anyone would like to send some fertile dust my way-I would surely take it!


  1. Good luck with everything. I had to laugh at being born thirty years agal. I'm 31 and have let that slip in conversation before. How on earth am I in my thirties?

  2. Good luck! We are hoping to start our first IVF with ICSI this month and my ultrasound Tueaday will let us know if we can go ahead or postpone :( Fingers crossed!

  3. Good luck, Rachel! How exciting! I am keeping my fingers crossed for both of us! So here's to no cysts or wonky hormone levels or anything else to delay us! Please keep me updated :)

    Cindy...It's just crazy, isn't it???!!!