Saturday, February 11, 2012

Second Monitoring Ultrasound :(

So I have been feeling pretty sad all day :( My ultrasound didn't go great. The good news first: my lining is at an 11, which is up from an 8 on Thursday (and they only want it to be at 7 for triggering). So yes, I was very happy with that. The not-so-great news: no measurable follicles. I mean, I have a ton, in true PCOS fashion...but nothing taking the dominant role yet. The nurse didn't seem concerned and said this was very typical for PCOS. All the nurses and doctors keep repeating the same thing to me: "low and slow". This is their approach to dealing with PCOS.

But that's not even the news that got me upset. I take awhile to develop good follicles. This I remember. It sucks, but I can deal-as long as SOMETHING develops. The bad news, the thing that has had me down pretty much all day is that my estrogen levels DROPPED from 68 to 56 :( That's not supposed to happen. Those levels are supposed to steadily increase.  So once I got those numbers (on the secure patient part of the website), I called the on-call nurse who said that they want to keep me at the SAME dose I have been on. The reason? Because women with PCOS have levels and follicles that can take off and go super high in a day or two. They are afraid of this happening.

So my big fear, of course, is that we'll have to cancel the cycle :( :( All the monitoring, early morning ultrasounds, blood draws, roller coaster of would be all for nothing if we cancel. I think that I am more upset about the prospect of not even getting the chance to try to get pregnant, than if we did the IUI and for whatever reason didn't end up pregnant. The thing I don't get is how my lining could have thickened if my estrogen fell????

Please send some good wishes my way :( I had envisioned things going slightly better than this. I know that it's just a bump in the road, but it just sends me straight back to life as I knew it three years ago. All those fears and inadequacies from before were never really gone, I guess...just hiding under the surface.


  1. Okay, I am sorry but I respectfully disagree with your RE. Mine always said that if the estrogen isn't rising properly or at all, to always adjust the meds. And I also have the pesky PCOS. I have also never developed OHSS.
    I am so sorry you are having a slow start. Maybe you could ask again and express your concern?

    Hoping you are surprised by an amazing follie or two at the next u/s!!!!!!

  2. I hope you don't have to cancel! I know how you feel, the only thing worse than doing fertility treatments is NOT being able to do fertility treatments. Hopefully they are right and you will get good news soon!

  3. Thanks, ladies! I'm praying for a nice strong follicle! Heck-I'd be OVER THE MOON with even just one! I just don't know what to think....I've also always heard that you would increase the dosage if estrogen isn't increasing. I'm just confused by the whole thing, which makes me frustrated.