Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We're Set For Transfer

Yep. We are doing a three day transfer tomorrow at 7:45am. I debating on whether I will take the offered Valium. Not sure how I feel about a three day versus five day transfer, but at least we have something to transfer!

The nurse from the clinic called today and told me that 3 out of the 4 fertilized eggs were looking great-that they had cleaved to four cell. I would expect that, by tomorrow, they would be 6 or 8 cells. The other egg was still growing, just not as fast as the other three. So, altogether, I am not unhappy with these results. I'm feeling cautiously optimistic. Basically, they said that the doctor usually does three day transfers when there are not a lot of embryos to choose from. This makes me feel better about the three day transfer, that it doesn't necessarily mean quality is poor, just that quantity is.

So now the question is, if those three continue to grow, how many to transfer??? Dan and I have been talking and, in our heart of hearts, we really do not want twins. Mostly because of my history with mild pre-eclampsia. I'm worried about the toll on my body, though I know that I might not necessarily get pre-e again. But I just worry about carrying twins. This dilemma is really weighing heavily on me, on us....though I do feel very fortunate that we have come to this place where we have been given the *chance* to have to make this decision. After all, there were several points when I didn't think I would even get the chance to become pregnant, my body was so uncooperative. I just don't know what to do though....


  1. I would definitely take the valium. GOODLUCK!!!!! I cannot wait to stalk you!!!!! Will you test before your beta? Or wait???

  2. There's no way I could wait until my beta! LOL...I've always been a poas addict!